Visiting Teaching January 2018

I’ve spent a long time considering how I can post something for visiting teaching with the changes to the visiting teaching program. As I have reflected on the information in the Ensign for this month, I have thought a lot about the women that I’ve been assigned to visit teach. Ways that they are amazing and unique, things I love about each one, what their individual needs are, and ways I can help them.

As we all consider how to minister to our sisters, I hope we can reflect on how much we love each one, what her particular needs are, and how we can individually serve in meaningful ways.

I created a little worksheet to help me as I prayerfully reflect on how to minister to each one. If you think it would be helpful to you, I hope you will print them and fill them in with your thoughts.

I love this thought from the Ensign, “Making personal connections and listening with an attitude of love is the essence of visiting teaching.”

Here is a link to the entire Visiting Teaching message in the Ensign

Click here for the Printable Quote

Click here for the Visiting Teacher Worksheet

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